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Welcome to Brookside Pet Training Studio for Dogs. Take a look at our current class offerings. To sign up for classes, purchase a class PACKAGE first and then choose the individual dates you will attend. (You will get codes to enter to reserve your slot.)

Terri will be showing off her skill as a sheep herding trainer by offering a new class for Urban Herding or Sheep Ball! For city dogs that love to chase but don’t have a nearby sheep herd to keep them busy, we will be learning to compete in the new sport of sheep ball (Treiball) to keep your dog busy and fun for both of you!

Interested in learning Agility, but don’t want the pressure of running an entire course when you are just starting out? Join our Intro to Agility/ Core Skills to keep your pup healthy and in shape while you learn the basics of equipment and how to precisely cue your dog through a course.

Thinking about competitive obedience? Test your skills in our beginning Intro To Rally class. Focus is on precision skills and heeling work to set you up for success when you are ready to enter a trial. New 2017 signs are introduced this fall, be sure and stay up to date!

November will be our  Reliable Recall series. Join us to learn how to train this vital skill.

Holidays don’t have to be crazy, come join our Make a Dog Toy workshop in December. Be sure and bring brag pictures to showoff that special fur baby!

You can schedule private training appointments in addition to signing up for group classes. Choose the private training package you prefer, or request an initial in-home consultation and we can decide the best training options at your first appointment.

Energetic pup getting pushy?

Play ball with your pup!

Teams learn these skills for sports AND the real world

  • Focus
  • Targeting
  • Distance work
  • Settle on a mat

Start your Pup right away!

No need to wait with our modular class system. Join the fun right away!

Safe socialization for young puppies

Our program is designed for very young puppies, our facilities are carefully disinfected prior to class.

Convenient midtown location

Comfortable, climate controlled facilities

Plenty of Parking

Plenty of parking, we are steps inside the lobby doors on the ground floor.